OpenWRT 12.09-rc1 Attitude Adjustment r35864 “Regular”


This build offers these extras on top of a official OpenWRT 12.09-rc1 release:

  • Recent code from the Attitude Adjustment branch
  • Wireless Country code configurable by user (enables use of channel 12 & 13 in my country)
  • IPv6 support
  • Quality-of-Service settings


This build is a release based on r35864 of the Attitude Adjustment branch. There is more recent code out there, but the latest fixes actually made WiFi less stable for me. So after a period of testing and trying different builds twice, I decided this is the one I recommend.

Compared to my previous build (r35731) the wireless stability has improved. However it’s still possible to run into the famous slow-down issue, but a lot less likely. And a fix is included which can reset the radio chip automatically when it detects trouble. Still if the 2.4GHz band around you is crowded, I recommend restarting the WiFi during the night by ways of a cron job (using the wifi down and wifi up commands). How this is done can be found here (Dutch). See also: OpenWRT Wiki - NotUCI Configuration - /etc/crontab/root.

Maybe you do not need to restart WiFi during the night, test and find out.

What’s new

  1. My builds are now self-hosted. I want to thank those who offered me space to host the files on, especially “eymey” whose FTP I used a lot, and perhaps still will for mirroring purposes.

  2. To address issues people were having when installing kernel modules from the vanilla repository I decided to compile a lot more kernel modules myself. So the fingerprint matches and no longer causes dependency issues, that you had to force okpg to ignore in order to install them. And this also helps to ensure compatibility, just in case. I’ve not compiled the entire lot of modules, just those that I considered “usable” on our platform. But I wasn’t very picky, so I expect that the one you might need is in there. If it isn’t: let me know, so I can fix the problem for the next build!

  3. To help installation of the compiled modules I included a line in the /etc/opkg.conf pointing to my repository. If you are upgrading, you probably have to add this line manually, because I don’t think sysupgrade will overwrite this configuration file. Add this on the second line of the file, so below the line pointing to the official repository:

    src/gz ultrawrt

    For other packages you can use the official repository of OpenWRT.


Always confirm the MD5 hash is correct before flashing! LuCI shows you the hash after you have uploaded the file.

For those installing OpenWRT for the first time, the factory image:

fb559fd49571a196cd40ef5e04fc8bfe openwrt-ar71xx-generic-tl-wr1043nd-v1-squashfs-factory.bin

For those upgrading from another version of OpenWRT, the sysupgrade image:

e2f7d6f8cb2a8950fc549455ae3e10df openwrt-ar71xx-generic-tl-wr1043nd-v1-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin

The configuration file used for this build is also available: config-ultrawrt-regular


These builds are provided as-is.

I am not responsible if these builds brick your router, cause an incident or anger your cat.


I welcome feedback. Preferably using the forum, but here on the website is will also be possible once I have implemented the functionality.