I’m a Dutch student, born in 1987, currently living in Nijmegen, the Netherlands.

My public PGP/GPG key with fingerprint: 0465 A2BA C9BA E7B1 03BE A113 D9C3 B20D B8F9 D2FB

I study Information Sciences at the Radboud University of Nijmegen, and I tend to learn myself a trick or two when it comes to computers, system administration and scripting. Enjoying student life when I can, and dividing my time between studying, working, gaming, computing, fun activities and, last but not least, my girlfriend.

I’m currently employed at AT Computing, performing Remote Support duties for client systems and networks, using UNIX/Linux based systems. This varies from monitoring systems and configuring monitoring software (mainly Nagios), to solving issues and questions, and performing system configuration, software setups and updates. Working with colleagues possessing a lot of (similar and other) knowledge and each tend to specialize in different areas. So a learning from each-other takes place and when you get a question you can’t solve, there’s is always a colleague who can help out.

My computer history starts with MS-DOS 3.30, on which I learned how to use a computer using the command line. Had I not started with that, I would have had a different attitude towards the command line once I got to know Linux. So thanks to MS-DOS, I was reasonable comfortable with it when I started experimenting with distributions in 2001/2002. Some notable distributions I have used since then:

What I run today: